Accurate diagnosis is the first step to cure the problem.

Proper treatment for tree problems requires determining their cause—or causes.

Treating the problems of trees is for the most part a relatively uncontroversial process. It can, however, be laborious, prolonged, and require various types of expertise.

But treatment will be unsuccessful without proper diagnosis of the problem—or problems. Frequently, specific symptoms arise not as the result of a single problem but have several contributing factors.

In one way, treating trees is tougher than treating people: after all, people are a single species, but even in the Bay Area, tree species number in the thousands, and each species possesses its own set of vulnerabilities.

At ShadyTree, our long experience and extensive training enable us to make accurate diagnoses. And whether a problem is caused by animal or insects pests, disease, soil, over or under fertilization or watering, or conditions adverse for a particular type of tree, we will perform any tests necessary to confirm a diagnosis, recommend a treatment plan—and, when possible, restore your tree to health.