Put in the patio, kill the tree.

It doesn't have to be that way!

If you prize the trees on your property or want trees as part of your landscaping, we suggest a consultation with a ShadyTree certified arborist—BEFORE you break ground.

For example, putting a patio under a tree to take advantage of its shade could be the end of the tree! If the patio material prevents water and air from reaching tree roots, the tree could die; modifications to patio design can preserve the tree.

Major construction or landscaping projects can also place trees at risk. Heavy equipment on your property can not only gash tree trunks, but its sheer weight can also compact soil, preventing water and air from reaching tree roots. Altering the ground level around trees can also endanger them.

Before breaking ground, it's prudent to call in ShadyTree for a consultation. We'll assess your situation and can take proper precautions. These may include fencing off trees, creating wells or retaining walls around trees, or installing perforated piping systems.