Do you get regular haircuts? Trees need regular pruning.

Pruning can accomplish many objectives and is called for at many stages in the life of a tree.

Pruning for Structure & Form: As with children, it's best to train trees right from the start! Early and timely pruning assures that a tree achieves its ideal structure and form as it matures and will not crowd your home or other plantings. Summer and winter, its proportions will please your eye. Sadly, the appearance of an improperly pruned tree may be ruined forever.

At ShadyTree, we prune to develop a good strong trunk, strong branch unions, and well-spaced branches—the keys to realizing a tree's beauty and extending its life. When a tree is young, we can make small corrective pruning cuts with handsaws or hand pruners, and pruning wounds heal rapidly. Proper pruning that gets a tree off to a good start prevents the need for a severe amputation in a mature tree that takes longer to heal and increases the tree's vulnerability to disease.

Investing in training for young trees is not only best for the tree but also cost-effective, preventing the need for more severe and costly pruning in future years.

Pruning for Good Health: Insects, animals, and diseases are health hazards to trees. At ShadyTree, we have expertise in diagnosing and treating every type of threat to trees. Annual tree check-ups can spot problems in early stages, when they are most easy and least costly to treat. Speedy removal of broken or diseased branches reduces the risk of decay or spread of disease. In elderly trees, pruning can be rejuvenating, adding years to the longevity of a much-loved tree.