The "crown" of a deciduous tree is its uppermost branches and leaves, which are also its food factory. Photosynthesis is a tree's method of using sunlight and the chlorophyll in green leaves to manufacture the sugar the tree uses for food, so preserving its leafy crown is essential for the tree's health and survival.

When a tree's crown is severely thinned, whether by storm or pruning by utility company workers clearing power lines, a tree's natural impulse is to compensate as fast as possible by sending out shoots along the trunk just below topping cuts. The result will not be pretty! If left untended, branches will cross over each other into an ugly tangle.

ShadyTree experts can restore the crown by trimming away dead stubs and wayward branches to encourage aesthetically pleasing tree growth. But while tree topping can take minutes, crown renewal can take years. It's good to get started as soon as possible!