Protecting natural resources makes sense. Trees are among our most precious.

Cities and counties prize their beautiful trees—with good reason.

So it's understandable that most Bay Area cities and counties require a permit before a heritage tree is allowed to be removed. A heritage tree is one protected for reasons of its size, species, or historical significance. Cities also require approval of a tree survey and inventory plan BEFORE the start of construction or deconstruction projects.

Requirements differ among Bay Area cities and counties. To avoid any liability, we suggest that you contact your city or county before removing any tree over 10 inches in diameter. If advised by your city or county that you need a permit, we suggest that you call ShadyTree. We can complete the application accurately.

Or just call us in the first place, since we are familiar with the permitting requirements for the Peninsula and, if one is required, we can provide it during our visit to your tree. We can also perform the tree survey and inventory required before the start of construction projects.


Observing permit procedures is important. If you remove a tree without having received a permit to do so, you could be fined as much as $5,000 and be required to replace the tree—and replacing a mature tree can be even more expensive! Starting construction or deconstruction projects without receiving city approval for tree protection can also result in a fine—and can shut down construction projects!

ShadyTree provides:

  • Reports required by cities or counties for tree protection
  • Applications for tree removal permits required by cities or counties
  • Tree survey and inventory reports