Getting to the root of the problem.

Is your tree leaning? Sick-looking?

Do roots twist around its base? Does it lack a root collar?

Aside from a few evergreens, the tree trunk flares out where it meets the soil. This flaring is called a "root collar."

If you can't see the collar in a tree, the tree is probably suffering. If it doesn't get timely attention, it could die.

Improper planting—more like burial!—or over-mulching could mean that the roots lack oxygen and are trying to get more by growing near the soil surface. Unfortunately, surface roots are susceptible to disease. This is especially true for trees prone to oak root fungus (Armillaria mellea), which includes many other species in addition to various oak species. If the roots actually girdle the trunk, they will strangle the tree—if it doesn't topple over first.

If you want your trees to lead long and healthy lives, we suggest calling us in to evaluate their current health. This will include checking their root collars; If corrective measures are indicated, we can take them.