Planting a tree is like playing chess: it's essential to think ahead.

Planting a tree involves far more than placing it into a hole in the ground.

At Shady Tree, we are very particular about your tree before we plant it. We inspect all aspects of it—trunk to leaf to roots—to make sure that the tree is healthy and the best specimen available.

Timing is a factor for planting: spring and fall are generally the best times, allowing trees to get established without undue stress.

Trees must be planted with great care to avoid damaging fragile roots and provide the soil mix that affords the best start for the particular variety of tree planted.

Once the tree's in the ground, we form a low dike around it to hold water and mulch the surface to retain moisture and discourage weeds. We then stake the tree to steady it until its roots can hold it steady. The stakes need to remain only the first year following tree planting.