Like us, trees need support at various stages in their lives.

Proper support for newly transplanted trees helps them grow tall and straight.

Skillful support can also prolong the lives of older trees. Mature trees can develop cavities or weak limbs that endanger their overall health.

Cavities that seem small may in fact extend throughout a tree. Bracing the trunk may help preserve the tree. Cables can reduce stress on weak tree crotches and support heavy limbs at risk of breaking off and damaging property and leaving a tree sadly misshapen. Props can support large, heavy limbs and help support mature trees.

Or just call us in the first place, since we are familiar with the permitting requirements for the Peninsula and, if one is required, we can provide it during our visit to your tree. We can also perform the tree survey and inventory required before the start of construction projects.

Devising competent support systems demands knowledge not only of various tree species but also of engineering. Installing the braces and cables can be dangerous. ShadyTree experts have the knowledge, experience, equipment—and insurance—to complete jobs successfully—without breaking limbs, arms, legs—or consuming your savings to cover uninsured accidents!